This page contains the Character article layout Guidelines of the NK Bushi Road wiki.

Importance of StructureEdit

It is very important that an article has a proper structure. In an article about a particular character, there are different sections (like Appearance, Personality, Plot etc...). It helps the readers to understand a character easily. If the sections are messed up, the readers will have problem in finding the information. Thus, structure must be appropriate and appealing


Here is the proper structure to a Character based article:

  • Introduction:This is not particularly a section, as it has no heading. It basically gives a small introduction about the article. It is written in few lines.
  • Appearance :This section includes all the information related to the appearance of the character. It can include hair color, eye color, clothing, hairstyle etc.
  • Personality:This section gives the information about the personality of a particular character, or how the character acts and behaves.
  • History:This section describes the history of the character before the plot started. It usually contains the information from flashbacks.
  • Synopsis:This section gives the plot of the character in the story.
  • Equipment:It usually tells the possessions of the character, that might aid them in their duties, or missions.
  • Power and Abilities:Usually tells what the character is capable of. The character's techniques, or special powers that they possess.
  • Relationships:Contains information about the relationship of the character with other characters.
  • Trivia:Information that are not very important and are not needed in the main sections.
  • References:It is necessary to add references in every character page. Without references, the contents wont be considered legit.
  • Navigation:The Navigation section usually contains a list of character that are similar with that page, usually related to that character in one way or the other.


  • Infobox:Infoboxes are necessary to be added to every page. There are various types of infobox for various characters. If you are confused about which infobox to use, ask the administrator.
  • Images:Images are supposed to be added in an alternative manner (left-right-left and so on..). Few sections maybe an exception. All of the images added in an article should be of the same size.